Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishment

All buildings require periodic maintenance to prevent deterioration.

Owners of large, multiple occupation and older properties benefit from professional input to ensure that maintenance and repairs are properly planned, specified and implemented.

This is particularly so where complex ownership arrangements are in place, notably for multiple private leaseholder properties or commercial properties. In these circumstances each leaseholder may be responsible for contributing to- or meeting the costs of- maintenance but there may be no one party to objectively and independently consider and advise upon necessary repairs.


Buy-to-let investors are often remote from their property portfolio and managing agents are often called upon to provide answers to questions raised by tenants regarding the condition of a property.

Survey & Architecture Services Ltd is able to provide the following services:

  • property condition reports incorporating recommendations on requisite repairs

  • specifications for repairs including advice on appropriate methods and schedule of works

  • tendering, contractor appointment and contract administration, including variations

  • interim and ongoing site inspections, certification for staged payments and final certification


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